About me


My work is about beauty, makeability, vulnerability and identity. 

Touching on the tension between what binds and 

divides us; ‘the personal’ and  ‘the unknown’.

It is about identity; who we are, with or without the other.

About perceiving, interpretation and then being judgemental: does this happen within a few seconds or does it take longer to let in otherness?

I want to touch and to be touched. Such may happen by little things, or by something grand. This gives wonder, recognition and consolation.

Layering plays a major role in my painting. I like to 

be carried away by the scenic character of the skin which emerges. These painted transparent layers and structures form, so to speak, maps of events that create someone’s individuality. Almost everybody struggles with imperfection. I search for individuality and beauty within the imperfect.

In my recent work I take myself as a point of departure. In this series of self-portraits I try to capture my actual mood, my frame of mind. In an era of ‘ideal’ selfies, I am especially not searching for an ‘ideal’ translation of reality, but seeking the vulnerable, the transient and the slightly disturbing.


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